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Youth Ministries

Sunday School


Sunday school classes for ages 3 to 6th grade starting at 9:15 during the school calendar year.

For 7th + 8th graders

Sunday Mornings at 9:15 a.m.

Youth Group

Although the term “Confirmation” is a later development, the purpose behind it dates back to ancient Israel. In Deuteronomy 6, God tells His people to diligently teach His laws to the next generation of Israelites. The Apostle Paul admonished his own protégé, Timothy, to teach the truths of the gospel to the next generation of Believers. And in the Early Church, new Believers were required to participate in a period of rigorous instruction called “The Catechumenate” before they were fully integrated into the life of the Church.


Building on these ancient traditions, Confirmation studies are a unique opportunity for 7th and 8th graders to explore the origins, basic teachings, history, and personal implications of Christianity. For students who have already made a personal commitment to Jesus, it is a chance to grow in faith. For students who have not made a commitment, it’s a chance to explore whether or not they would like to follow Christ themselves.


Over the two years of Confirmation, students explore Old Testament history and teaching, the life of Jesus and the early Church, Church history, and the unique characteristics of the Evangelical Covenant Church. They participate in the broader life of the church through service opportunities and Sunday worship. Second year students also complete a research project which they develop in consultation with the pastor.

Salem’s youth group for Junior High, Middle School, and High School students meets most Wednesday evenings from September through May. Students and their families are invited to come for supper starting at 5:45. Then, at 6:30, we meet for fun, study, and recreation. We usually wrap up at 8 PM. Periodically during the year, we also do off-site fun and service events like a trip to the Escape Room, packing Christmas presents for Operation Christmas Child, MUUUUCE (an annual high-energy event for Junior High and Middle School students with other Covenant churches), and CHIC (a large High School student gathering every three years).

Lake Beauty Bible Camp

Visit the website to learn more about Junior High and Senior High camp opportunities

Want to Get Involved?

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